This knowledge isnt for everyone

"You don’t know it all. You don’t know the half of it. Don’t parade your knowledge before the unprepared. It wrongs you both: you, Mike, because it pandars to your desire for attention, and so distracts you from your true course: your listeners because, if they’re of unbalanced energy, inappropriate spiritual information may unbalance them further.
"This knowledge we’re imparting isn’t for communication at large. It would be misunderstood. It would be taken as head-knowledge and it must always remain heart-knowledge — that is to say, information imparted to those who have reached a level of awareness and integration to whom such knowledge is appropriate.
"Channeling is a privilege, a separate (=‘holy’) activity. It doesn’t belong in the unawakened world for it would be corrupted. So remember that."

Rereading this message in 2005 gave me pause, as I'd already spent many hours creating this blog.

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