Let go

"If you hold feelings they chain you to the earth — hate, rage, regret, sorrow, nostalgia.
If you release feelings in exchange you get joy, praise, lightness & surrender.
"You can't hold onto the latter feelings — they have to be constantly recreated in a series of living presents. Negative feelings are like a room full of cigarette smoke – only those intent on their own death submit to such an environment.
"For those who wish to live the windows must be opened and fresh air allowed to sweep into the lungs. A grievance nurtured turns hurt to hate. You enfold yourself with negativity and your stomach seethes ...
"Open, open, open — open the windows of your heart. Let the energy you’re creating go to warm and power the wings of forgiveness. Be released for takeoff. Soar above the problem, see it from the perspective of spirit.

"Perhaps it was a tiny tack set there to burst the bubble of your ego?"

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