Why did my play fail when I believed that every word represented a teaching?

"In whose eyes did it fail? The time is not yet ready. Painful as it may be, you have to accept that you’re a servant not a master. If you were a master you would not receive such gifts, your ego would exclude them. And how would you know your own mind amid the pampered expectations of your own servants? As the juggernaut of the future rolls inchwise across the empty tracts of time it is recreated afresh in the humblest act of each human – its direction defined by the relative perceptions of truth in each act. Nothing is unseen, no good ever wasted.
"You chose to be born into a body of long slow rhythms, and having learned to trust, you must trust for good and for all. Endurance is your testimony to the truth. The steadfastness is no harder than what those you admire have suffered. You have received a rare invitation to join their company. Accept what you have been given and compose yourself."

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