What you’re seeking lies very deep within

"Don’t torment yourself. The infliction of self-pain is a means of seeking excitement, a way of seeking to break throu the impervious wall of your outer experience to a state of inner knowledge. But it can never be achieved that way. No matter how you batter away or slash at your conscious mind it will never yield the result you want, for consciousness is constructed out of interlocking concepts; and if you succeed in breaking one out another drops into its place.
"What you’re seeking lies very deep within. Only by the carefullest and tenderest self-love can you create an inner alternative that allows the existence of the wall to dematerialise. It doesn’t cease to exist, for it still supports your awareness, it just ceases to be material.
"It is an immense journey from knowing nothing of the inner world – back to your nucleus, where at last you know yourself as you were at first. On that journey the elements of consciousness are dissolved and rearranged.
"This can involve going throu periods of great disharmony – and those who don’t want to embark on that journey themselves often respond negatively to the unfolding soul – for they’re mortally afraid of the dissolution of consciousness that they know awaits them. You have to learn to let such people go."

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