"So you want to understand about evil? That’s a great big question mark isn’t it?

"Each person is not only hirself but also a part of a spiritual family, just as they are of an earthly one. If you can imagine a space-like void in which people are in constant motion, not merely up and down, but in all directions and dimensions — so that they metamorphose not just in size and shape, but completely change appearance as they pass throu different dimensions (as images change 'eidetically' on the point of sleep) — yet each 'family' always retains its character.
"Now try and imagine this without a viewpoint. Allow yourself to experience the free flow of images. If you let yourself go you’ll begin to feel your perception constantly altering, yet you’ll never be in any doubt of your identity — unless you already have a problem with your Self-image, in which case you must whole yourSelf before you can contemplate such an experience.

"All the images you access in this state have the capacity to be whatever you wish. Yet they aren’t neutral. Tho they’re pre-formed, you make them into whatever you want by your choice/s in drawing them into consciousness (ie, your viewpoint of reality).
"As you see this is a multi-dimensional process. There is no before or after. Potentially, the thought image can assume any trajectory. Only the utmost stillness of mind can even begin to contemplate a state of no-mind. With some of these images you know at once what they mean. That meaning is like a colour or shape the activity of your mind superimposes on the image.
"If you could slow your mind to its highest vibration, ironically, you’d be able to accept the intangibility of the images; and so by acceding to their non-appearance you’d relax your mind (ego) sufficiently not to colour what you’re already aware of. Yet at the ultimate level, thought can never exist without a thinker: reality can never exist without a realiser: existence is nothing without one who exists. Far away from, yet intimately present in, the terrestrial plane it is a single thought of I AM which establishes all that is. Yet all that can be known is no more than a momentary image in the consciousness of the Eternal One.

"That evil exists is due to the Eternal One expanding hir unity by creating the potential for further self-integration. The function of this goes far beyond human imagination. Evil is simply anti-matter, or as-it-were malicious duality. Yet even this, like the naked force of electricity, exists as a part of the Great One, whose own evolution is constantly unfolding new vistas of wholeness/health. Even tho for existence to exist at all the integrity/wholth of I AM so far exceeds even our (spirit) awareness that it's like being able to dream in perfectly formed multi-dimensional theorems which have a dynamic which keeps them in constant evolution.
Evil exists in part because transposing pure thought into a limited number of dimensions involves quantization — a kind of simplification for the purpose of encoding infinity within the physical reality of finite things. There are inevitably compromises within such a process and inherent within those compromises lies error. Evil is the archetype of that inescapable corruption from which those of the spirit are motivated to escape.
"In terms of the multi-dimensional perfection of the universe the error rate is 0.∞1. But just as you might wish to correct some imperceptible blemish so the Existent One's loving /evolution works to bring about the healing /wholing of ever more profound aspects of matter. And you are the matter! S/he cannot complete Hirself without your participation. Once the participation of all is secured then, as we’ve told you, physical matter itself will begin to transform, and the whole concept of the universe will enter a new plane of evolution."
Where does that leave us with evil now?
"When the spiritual glaze is less than perfect the water of evil /duality will find a way in. Ironically the glaze isn’t a hardness, which can easily crack: it's an infinitely flexible polymer bond, like skin itself. We’ve explained earlier, your birth-personality is the medium you’ve selected for this particular incarnation, parents and all. Whether that comes with a blessing or curse (in your eyes) is of much less relevance than the use you make of it.
"Perhaps your karma has given you an ideal spiritual personality? Then of those to whom much is given much will be expected! Your realisation of your potential (the elimination of disharmony or ‘sin’) may possibly have significance for others. Your corruption-resistant glaze on your ego may be relatively water-tight. On the other hand, for whatever reason, the glaze may have failed in some measure. Like a leaky roof error may so interpenetrate your ego-mind complex that your multi-dimensional imagination offers you only cancerous data. A whetted knife is oblivious whether it cuts a finger or a plant.
"If your karma has brought you to a point of psychosis in a dysfunctional environment then, alas, there will be innocent victims. The result is an algorithm (the logical waveform of the combined data), or archetype, of the individual’s psychic response to the over-arching situation. But you can change that, and you know it.
"You may feel your situation is hopeless, you can never exceed the goodness of those around you, your personality is stifled by theirs, but you can at least excel in evil and latch onto those dark elements within yourSelf that call forth a powerful negative archetype? Think, how this would be to increase disharmony to symphonic proportions, like a drug-induced pulverisation of the brain. On the other hand there exists in your skull a small corner of blue sky. You can't always grab hold of it but you know it's there. Still your mind, see the blue sky grow. Escape is possible. Know that if you feel confused, God too is confused – and while disharmony exists in a single person all creation is in pain.
"We are not asked to do any more than we can: and that is – to be — to be content — to full of content. The short person isn’t expected to reach where the tall one can. Acceptance of your inner self is the main goal of terrestrial life. Once your heart is at peace it/you can travel to the many dimensions of spirit.
"It may not seem so easy? Then that is your life’s work! Leave the building of great cathedrals to others, concentrate on spring cleaning your own tiny chapel and watch the light come flooding in as the sky dissolves the walls. And in it's cheerful warmth evil disintegrates."

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