All life is sacred

"All life is sacred. How are we to get this message across? It is your central moral dilemma.
Wars are a horrific distraction from the real issues of spiritual integration and social progress — distorting human values and giving comfort to those with a commercial interest in the disintegration of society.
"We, released from the physical plane, can't take life. The concept isn’t even relevant for we are purged of anger. And we would do too much harm if we could. When you die you’re released to the inner world, but if we were to ‘die’ we would die eternally — lost between dimensions, invisible tho present, trapt outside consciousness. The sustaining structure of the universe would collapse.
"God would have to begin again, as s/he does with every act of violence on earth, after which the process of evolution has to be woven afresh from its elemental beginnings. (That’s how important each one of you is — nothing can be perfected until every brow is unfurrowed.)
In the world of tomorrow we have described don’t suppose terrestrial life would be painless. Some element of stress is implicit within growth. Sudden, even violent, death couldn’t be avoided.
"What is -already- changing is your growing awareness of life’s meaning. And with freer intercommunication between worlds you learn to hear the answers to your questions. (The answers are always there, but often the questioners shout so loudly as to drown the replies!)
Try, do try, to live bearing these things in mind. The world of ego frequently drowns out your inner stillness but seek to maintain balance even when deafened. Fly by ‘live reckoning’. Glow in the dark."

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