Creating new worlds

"An immense experience — to see a world realised and peopled. How you gloried in the characters you’d created at points where they synchronised with your imagination and longed for them to be different at others. So it is with your maker. S/he has known, long before you stumble into self-discovery, what you’ve the potential to become. It's the process of becoming your potential (of growing into childhood dreams) that defines your development.
"The feelings that ran thru the play were like a keel slicing deep beneath the water, steady, straight and invisible. At any juncture there can only be one centre, one groove. You’ve to be sure your consciousness is in that sync point and not to either side. That puts you right in the energy flow of the moment, the matrix that joins universal and subjective time. As you become centred you become consciousness."

After the run of my play The Watcher in the Rain

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