"Purity is a hard-won thing. It isn’t virginal ignorance. It’s knowing all, yet not allowing yourself to be deflected from your true path. For each individual that is the ancient path of hir timeless soul. Being true may involve being misunderstood. If you really stand in truth, that won't worry you: if it worries you, you aren’t standing in truth.
"That is what purity is – purity of purpose. It requires no flags to be raised, no external permission to be sought. It is, and it knows -if not where- then always how it is to go. Cultivate that certainty and respect it within yourself — but don’t feel that gives you the right to have it all your own way. Sometimes a wrong result may produce a right situation. (Growth is often a little uncomfortable.) If you strive for truth, however meritorious, your ego invalidates the outcome. Truth is. If you respect it, you respect yourself: if you respect yourself, you respect it and all other lifeforms within which it manifests. All these are characteristics of I AM, the ever-existing one.
"Don’t seek to control, just allow the situation to be. Respect it. If others don’t respect you, it's because they don’t respect themselves. You can't change that except by refusing to play their game. Being Self-respectful maybe your function in that group?
"Heal your past by accepting it. Maybe you didn’t do what you should, or say what you should have. Well you didn’t. Send calmness to the situation, you weren’t misunderstood, they just weren’t ready to hear you. Think how often God is misunderstood, yet s/he is not for an eye-blink deflected from the purity of hir ancient purpose. Quietly and gently let the healing begin with your self.

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