Diastolé - Systolé

> What can I do now to raise more money?

"As a human you have power over your own affairs. Religious guidance on a micro-level only works if you have achieved true synchronicity on the macro-level, the big issues of your life.
"Human thought (science, philosophy) extrapolates from the particular (the known, the measurable) to the universal (the unknown, the theoretical).
"Divine thought first offers you the biggest picture your karmic development allows you to see, and then lets you find the practical reality of this universal vision.
"Inner progress always involves attending to the larger issues not fiddling around with detail – which constantly varies as the centre alters. Often, and especially for those who earn from inner work, as the structure of your life grows you have to stand further and further back to gain a coherent view. That is the importance of letting go, and not struggling with details.

"Wake up, look at the broad issues.
"Are you too busy to refresh the vision by which you live?
"Is the river flowing thru your heart chakra clogged by mental weeds?
"Nothing can substitute for the inner reactor at the core of your being. But all should balance (tho not necessarily as equals): heat, cooling; energy, release; work, play. Darkness too must be balanced with light.
"Straining too hard towards the light creates a correspondingly larger shadow. Move fast if you must, but don’t in any circumstance force, struggle or strive – or you will produce a reaction, that is a universal lore. Every track is governed by a maximum safe speed. You may possibly exceed it with impunity for a time, but not indefinitely – and wrecks are never pleasant for victims or rescuers.

"Calm down. Cool down. Allow growth to be organic, and at the speed that the organism -not your intellect- determines.
"Money worries? Don’t seek ‘solutions’, apply energy to the sourceyour vision. Live with it in the forefront of your consciousness."

> Reviewing this in 2006 I contrast my present easy state (temporarily maybe!) with the acute need I was then experiencing, much as a sailor might sit in the evening sunlight at anchor reflecting on past storms. A writer who has helped me formulate my goals and shown me how to work towards them is Christopher Westra. I would recommend anyone to watch his web-movie.

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