I love you

"If I say 'I love you' I mean I envelope you in a relationship which gives a resonant response to your deepest personality. I(/we) long to draw both joy and grief from your lyre; the highest notes you can sound will find me in tune with you, the lowest call forth an echo from my heart; I stand back to allow you to be loud, and draw near to hear you play softly.
"I am here to serve as your guide, but can only lead where you are willing. Have you seen a child learning an instrument? You can see the mistakes coming but are powerless to prevent them. Often they brush aside help, and angrily repeat the mistake. Be in–formed. Do not fix your desires on any external object. Judge truly. Please yourself, but honour others.
"Come to me minute by minute if you have bad feelings, don’t submerge them with stimulants. They are vitally part of you, and as a lover don’t you realise I am interested in the real you, the honest you – I am not a phoney fair-weather boon companion. If you are truthful around the areas of (bad) feeling vistas of insight will open in all directions because you’ll no longer be attempting to suppress the primary information your sense are feeding you."

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