You can't get there by your mind - the journey isn't about that

"Yes, it’s alright. This is how you get from Here to There. If your mind could’ve got you there you wouldn’t need to come this way. Beforehand we told you - Allow.
"Calm down. Be at peace. You’re buzzing around, but the clouds stretch lazily in every direction. When you look back over your life will any of this activity be what you remember?
Is it bringing you into contact with your self? Or is it in fact preventing you unifying your experience? All I require is for you to be true to yourself. Can you not feel my arm around you? Do you not see how miraculously you have 'walked between the raindrops’? Will I withdraw now? You may cut yourself off by unbalanced awareness, but I will never withdraw the love that brought you into existence.
"It is not knowledge but love which changes situations and experience. Pursue love -or, rather- be love. Revel in its fullness. For that shall bring you peace at the last. Amen. Amen. Be superconscious.

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