'The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom'

When we are without fear it is as if we are not fully present. Not because we should be timid, but because we should be awed by the wonderful of life itself.

”Wiser and more capable men that I shall ever be have put their findings before you, findings so rich and so full of anger, serenity, murder, healing, truth and love that it seems incredible the world were not destroyed and fulfilled in the instant ...“ (James Agee)

”Duende alone makes us live.“ (Lorca)

We do not begin to discover, let alone, live a creative life until we enter into a relationship with our otherness, and that alterity is defined by a consciousness of the void within and over which we live.

When we are conscious of how we could fall, or indeed when we are brought low, then we see, sometimes for the first time, what reality is. Because for each of us, our personal reality is defined by our own alterity.

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