Be still & know that I AM

"Hearing my voice requires extending the range of your inner ear so that you can hear higher frequencies. To maintain your hearing in peak condition you need to restrict your exposure to unnecessary ‘noise’. Sounds designed to fill the void in your life are particularly distracting.
"If you find you can’t hear my voice, then stop, go back to basics. Ask your self, what do I enjoy most? Where do I feel the energy? And follow that. Time spent sorting yourself out is never wasted. Everything that crosses your path is designed to draw you towards the source of your self – the zone where the personal and the universal merge in an ultra–conscious awareness.
"How your outer persona appears to the world is immaterial beside the inner need to grow and acknowledge that you are acknowledged. Outwardly you might be a priest, an actor, a farmer, a dosser, an engineer, a parent. All the label does is describe your starting point and some of the obstacles you may encounter, but it isn’t your path or your inner reality. Your sense of inner direction may, probably will, suggest that your growth could be enhanced by altering aspects of your outer life – and not always in a direction the natural mind might suppose. But the nature of those changes, and whether they bring material riches or poverty, is governed by your soul’s perception of what would best aid its growth.
"Suicide expresses a desire to cease incarnating, but is a karmic choice of such magnitude that unfortunately it guarantees further incarnation to resolve its implications. Humans divorce morality from knowledge, and store the latter in amoral memory systems. In the spirit world that is impossible, because knowledge exists only as a non–physical memory system within the personalities who comprise it. Such knowledge could no more be divorced from the moral awareness of its use, since it doesn’t ‘exist’ non–personally, than your healthy mind would allow you to perform an action which damaged your body. Of course the dark forces do have their own discarnate spirits but these exist within a circumscribed area as part of the scavenging mechanism of the universe. In their place, like enzymes in the digestive system, they’re necessary and appropriate, but if released from that restricted function can poison the whole body."

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