Let go. Be.

"If you have unwanted thoughts give them to me. My energies are too high for them to harm. Actively surrender such thoughts and allow my peace to enfold you. If you find certain thoughts clinging to you, ask what their function is. Are they not serving to reinforce your ideas of your selfhood, your separateness, your specialness even? Ultimately what they’re doing is to allow you to convince yourself that they’re /you’re ‘serving’ God. But how can that be?
"God requires no service but love and honour. Anything more than this is karma /sin. So no matter how ‘busy’ or ‘responsible’ or ‘committed’ you are just leave it out. Just be. Leave doing to doers. Your greatest gift is your self. And who are you – if you only define yourself by your deeds?
"Let go. Be."

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