Respond to the pace of the earth & discover your own heartbeat

"Contact with the earth is most important. People who live in flats are at a great disadvantage. It profits everyone to get out into the country and feel the essential nature of matter – and indeed the essential matter of nature!

"However fast you go nature /matter retains a constant steady pace. And who lasts longest? Who doesn’t trip over hir feet in an effort to surpass hirself?!
"Think about it: you can’t surpass yourself, can you?, or where would you be? If you could, you would’ve left your self behind and be in an area of total unreality. You can’t excel yourself either. You can excel others, but what good does that do you? You certainly wont discover your self as a result. So don’t go faster, go slower, respond to the pace of the earth and discover your own heartbeat."

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