The Mind alone cannot understand spiritual phenomena

"You’ll always have a problem if you’re using your mind to generate an explanation of spiritual phenomena. Accept that you can’t explain everything to everybody. Part of what they hear must engage with their own spiritual expectations, thereby drawing them into the area of heightened awareness. The inner voice is a perfectly natural phenomenon. If you seek to describe an everyday experience then do it from the viewpoint of everyday experience. Draw people into it. Why are you afraid of this? If you offer people‘s minds an escape route they’ll take it and trickle back to earth instead of being led on onward to a new or deeper understanding. You’ve got to have the courage to follow, and be seen to follow, the spiritual path. Otherwise you’ll never realise your own destiny as an enlightener, but remain stuck half–in half–out of the quagmire of a conventional identity. Strike now, and strike out on behalf of your whole inner person. Don’t be hide-bound by your external persona. Let your inner wholeness represent you to the world."

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