Just accept that I, Sathya Sai, know

"How wise of you to seek time with me. We of the inner world desire to communicate just as you do. The challenge of communicating on the restricted frequencies you can understand exercises us just as it does you. But the effort is a challenge and the result stimulating. If you really want to draw down gifts and abundance you’ll have to become a great deal stiller. You’re excited at the moment and enjoying the buzz you get, but the ideal is to internalise that as a source of energy and recover your calmness.
"No, I’m not going to make promises about dates. You just follow the path a step at a time, and have the joy of watching it unfold like a new dawn each day – instead of being tortured by the anticipation of your conscious mind! Just accept that I, Sathya Sai, know."

By this time I had secured funding for my CataList magazine from a publisher & we were looking at launch dates.

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