Motive generates Ability

"If you yearn to know what is beyond you, you must learn to empty yourself. Knowledge-awareness crowds close up to you obscuring your view of the farther distance. It‘s in the ability to detach yourself from what most immediately presses on you that the skill comes to see and hear afar.
"Don’t worry if you can’t do it now. The motive, in the long run, generates the ability. There are different abilities applicable to different stages. You can’t just skip over the intermediate building blocks of awareness needed to construct a sturdy wall. Give thanks that you’re not a person with an imperfectly sealed connection to the ultra–conscious world. If so you could never be off duty. Metaphysically that’s where mental imbalance can enter the system. Ungrounded awareness creates distortion of emotional perspectives. Of course your ability to receive varies – so does your digestion, your luck, your concentration, your imagination. "Accept it. Perfection is limitation. To be always at your best would imply you’d gone as far as you could go. As your abilities extend so your goals expand exponentially. The Universe is limitless, you merely perceive what you’re able to take in. This self–governing vision is our means of regulating the measure of irradiation each individual receives. If you have the will to press on you’ll be strengthened to receive ever greater exposure.
"Don’t measure yourself against other people. If you’d been meant to be them youd've been given their gifts. As it is, you’ve got your own, and it behoves you to explore and develop your own personal range of abilities. So, as ever, the message comes back to Being not Doing. Just Be. And enjoy the glorious liberty of not having to strive for attention, success, love, transcendence. Accept that you already have it. If you want more, learn to be content with what you have."

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