What reality does your life express?

"Try to let your consciousness be governed by remaining aware of my voice. If you need want to go faster than your inner pace there‘s something amiss – likewise if you hang back. If you allow your contact with your Self to become dulled, no matter how alluring the alternative, you’ll end in the wilderness. The invisible path that leads to full Self–realisation can only be followed by intuition – it’s like an unseen geo–magnetic force which is always present, but can easily be overpowered by humanly constructed energies.
"Cast aside duty, family ties, professional obligations, just ask yourSelf ‘what element of this situation I face really comes alive for me?’ Or try this, imagine the issues surrounding you as objects or images; then focus on them with mentally half–closed eyes. Which image remains brightest? ‘Ahha,’ you may say, ‘that’s not a fair test, I knew which was going to be brightest because I couldn’t let it go.’ Okay, that’s still your answer.

"You express your level of reality by the images your mind produces. Are they about brick walls? Are they about people bugging you? Are they about money worries? Or are they about the Godhead within yourself? Are they about the power Sai Baba gives if you ask?
"If all the images that come up are around your problems then that is your reality, and those problems will stick with to you until you concentrate your reality on something more worthwhile and magnetize it. As you focus on calm flowing energy, not on striving, you and that quality approach each other – so you’re automatically moved away from the problems you’ve struggled with. Eventually, with perseverance, it surrounds you and you have entered into its reality.
"Did you know what you were going to write about before you started? No. No more do you know the inner path throu your life – which I see clearly. Only great stillness will allow you to follow it."

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