Accessing innergy

"There is no limit to what can be known. Therefore if you seek to acquire mere Knowledge your task is never-ending. But in the spiritual life theoretical knowledge is irrelevant – you’re shown what you need to know when, and not before, you need to know it. This means everything is grounded in emotional awareness.
"It is only when the emotional and the intellectual are evenly balanced that you gain access to inner realms. Until that point you simply can’t perceive what you later realise was staring you in the face all the time.
"You can create collective relationships on any level. It is simply what happens whenever two or more minds meet and focus on a task. Even on the most carnal plane any team acquires group insights that can open inner doors, but since their focus isn’t of any lasting significance, the mental-physical relationship achieved may actually blind them to the higher qualities of their achievement. Yet teamwork is a gift which is always available for you.
"Use your powers wisely. Any source of energy can be used positively or negatively. And you’re always free to make your choice. The greater your natural talents, the more you’ll be aware of the right and left hand paths.
"Choose the path that leads you to onward inward, the one where you sense growth lies. Don’t concern yourself with the labels others give it. For you it is the Royal Road. Remember, nobody is ever shown more than a step at a time. All, from least to greatest, are on the same pilgrimage yet none is on an identical path. So accept guidance only when it conforms to your inner awareness.
"Only those who have surrendered their own desire (life-force energy) can offer guidance to others, yet it is desire which energises all."

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