Relax, fer crying out loud

"So smart–ass you know all the answers, do you? Instead of your ego driving throu the day, why not coast and enjoy it? Every day is as rich or as poor as you make it, so why complain about pressure? Listen more and talk less – Love more and complain less – Be more and become less.
"You can’t concentrate? Just rebalance yourself on the top of each hour with a half a minute of reflection or affirmation. Taking less than 10% of your time it will repay dividends of more than 90%. Fix your consciousness on that world beyond the murky smoke of confusion. Breathe in the pure air of inner knowledge, revel in the freedom and sunlight noone can take away from you. Allow its loving and restorative power to permeate your spiritual body, and so trickle throu to your physical frame.
"You have limitless freedom. Don’t use it to your own hurt. Grow towards the light, not away from it. Every experience given to speed your growth can retard it if you take it the wrong way: that is the duality of the physical universe. What you perceive as ‘good and evil’ are just part of the ebb and flow of duality. If you have the wisdom you can harness their 'tidal' power. Choose neither the right nor left hand path, but rather seek to follow a middle way where you’re conscious of both.
"Breathe and grow – Live and scintillate – Love and be warmed by the unlimited energies of love."

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