You are the most important being ever

You are the greatest gift you can give yourself. To allow yourself to be for a few moments is no hardship. You are the seed within the fruit. When you fall to earth you’re surrounded by everything you need for growth.
"Look inside, and accept yourself for what you are at this moment in time – good, bad, silly, wise, low, high, lonely or fulfilled. You are the greatest gift the world has ever known. You aren’t part of God, you are God. You’ve come here for a special purpose. Don’t let that purpose slip away. Without you the totality of God can never be realised. Your purpose is to know yourself, to accept yourself as you truly are and be purged of anger.
"As anger about imagined shortcomings recedes and you realise you are as you needed to be to integrate within yourself the very qualities you currently despise, so a vast new dimension of possibilities opens like a hole in the night sky throu which you may see to another universe of sunlight.
"Love is the power that fuels this, not ego–love based on need or greed, but open–heart love that simply allows. So allow yourself to love yourself. Be here and you’ll be there."

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