Spring in all its glory

"Look! The apple tree buds, green growth engulfs the barren sticks of winter. Your heavenly parent promises only good to those who will accept hir times and seasons. Only you question hir ways. All other created matter simply takes its cue from the great bass of heaven: it lives, it grows, it breeds, it 1dies. It knows no more than is required of it. In plentiful times it thrives, in lean times it withers.
"When you have finished your striving, built your empire, controlled your environment, what’ve you got that you didn’t already have? Have you got peace? No, because you’re worried about other people eroding your achievement. Have you improved your health? No, probably the reverse. Have you acquired love? Not by those means. Will your achievements postpone for one day your inevitable departure from the physical realm?
"So accept the passage of time and the revolving seasons and be content with what you have, knowing that true riches spring from the inner heart, just as does the energy which drives the buds thru solid branches."

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