Don’t hide your sparkle in a duffel bag of fears

"Don’t erect any shelter for your psyche. It's a great deal more robust and far older than everything you seek to protect it with. A diamond looks fragile but is tougher than anything it comes into contact with. Don’t hide your sparkle in a duffel bag of fears.
"Admit honestly how you feel about things, don’t deny your inner truth: it's your most precious asset. Don’t think, feel. If you spend time in your head your body will need to reassert itself. Thinking may accomplish things or it may not – but feeling is honesty about being. That is your goal – not satisfying others or winning their admiration.
"If you seek to 'liberate' others because 'you know what's good for them' you're more likely to entangle them in your own hang-ups: liberate yourself and you set a generation free."

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