The Strength in Doubt

In moments of doubt you're at your strongest.
You'll never be more honest with yourself about your feelings.
Perhaps you fear disintegration -
that you will fade away, in some way cease to exist?

But think about it: your fears are social - you might cease to be welcomed by certain people on whose attention you depend - you fear exclusion by a social group.
Suppose that were to happen in order to move you to a different position, would it mean your heavenly protectors had deserted you? (We refering here to souls who have consciously sought protection.)
No way.
I reiterate, nothing can happen except for good to those who are on the spiritual path - any more than the geostable relationships between the planets can alter. There are fixed and immutable laws that hold you (your consciousness, your ego) in a flexible yet constant relationship to the God within you (higher consciousness).

Be merciful to yourself - forgive yourself!
Expose your inner wounds to the healing sun.
If I were to recommend making a sign, it would say
Trust the process in enormous letters!

The 'process' is the divine will manifesting in your life, but you are also manifesting in your life!
That is the process, the blending of ego consciousness with higher consciousness.
That way matter is infused with the divine, it transforms and is transformed.

As your vision is clarified so you become more conscious of multi-dimensional existence and of the possibilities it offers.
How, apart from experiential 'tests', or 'provings', could you access the subliminal knowledge you find yourself to possess in times of crisis - quite apart from teaching you how to develop spiritual energy?

We have shown you before that knowledge is never given apart from experience - that is the human way! It is from and within the experience that true knowledge develops. Spiritually it is as if the building is reinforced by internal steel rodsafter it is built! That may be a little painful, but that is part of the experience of new birth.

Respect your body, treat it as it deserves.

Do you feel as if you're trying to single-handedly hold back the tide?
This is a dream-tide!
Let it sweep over you, submerge your senses in it.
It has come to tell you something.

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