The paradox of hope vs trust

"Hope is an enemy. Trust is a friend.
"If you hope for something you have expectations, and they can lead you on until you’re stretched between wish and fulfilment. The moment you desire, you feel incomplete till the hoped-for thing arrives. If you trust you’re already content.
"But trust in what? You needn’t trust in anything outside yourself. Within is all you need. Trust in exactly what you are now. Feeble and frail as you may feel – trust your fragility. Above all, don’t trust in what you would like to be. Accept no substitute (as they say) for what you are. Be yourself. Don’t worry if you feel unlovable, I love you. Together we‘re invincible, you and I.
"I need you as much as you need me. Nothing in the cosmos can reach perfection without every single thing aligning harmoniously – that is the extraordinary evolutionary progression which our creator initiated within the heart of matter (/within the matter of the heart), & its organic tendency to coherent form/s.
"Within you is the seed of immortality. Respect its tenderness. Water it. Allow it to root, grow, flower. As it transforms, its heady fragrance will transform your awareness. At times you may have to go for periods without certainty. Don’t be scared of walking in the dark. Allow the great freedom of the night-time world to expand your existing limits till you can see infinity in what had previously seemed oppressively constricting.
"You need to build up your trust to carry you throu those times. Hope alone won't be sufficient. If you desire to be other than you are you will never escape your own limitations: only by fully accepting your inadequacy can you be freed from the need to change. Once you no longer hope for change all possibilities are open to you."

During the period this came to me I was immensely strest as editor /publisher of a monthly journal. I couldn't really assimilate the depth of what it was saying, but in fact the truth /reality of these thoughts manifested in my life in the longer term notwithstanding.
Being at this moment (Jan 2006) on the brink of another publishing enterprise which could tie me down I feel the sweetness of these thoughts all the more poignantly.

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