How the psyche grows

"The ego is the cup which contains the liquid of the soul. It must be strong enough to withstand shock and intense pressures. The ego, having a physical entity (the body), exists in the gravitational world. The soul/psyche doesn’t. If the person applies hir heart to it, the soul may reach a critical density where it achieves coherence and is no longer threatened by the prospect of the disintegration of its physical container in death. When the ego is triggered to release it the soul is free to embark on the next stage of its journey.
"You can rehearse this process of letting it go by relaxing your intense self-control. If you feel sufficiently confident of yourSelf you can surrender to the deeper feelings within you and preview your new (next) existence — floating in a non-gravitational environment — free to move anywhere but especially forwards in thought forms of experience. Particularly you can extend your personality to an awareness of all sorts of new characters and emotions. But remember, whatever happens, you’re encased in a physical medium — and anything that exists does so according to its constituent laws.
"Because things can go right they can also go wrong. You see this in physical deformities (where you’re beginning to use your resources wisely to assist sufferers). But you humans, with your limited vision, don’t often see so clearly the inner malformations of the psyche — that are governed by similar (tho infinitely subtler) laws. Just as in the body, where conditions for growth can be inadvertently triggered by a freak genetic response, so premature development may occur in the mind/soul complex.
"The soul operates in a way not dissimilar to a software program resident within the hardware of the mind — tho the similarity ends there because the mind & soul are infinitely capable of expansion, and the processing pathways to knowledge/awareness are more than artificial intelligence can dream of, as is the neural relationship between feeling and knowing.

"Just as your undying soul may choose a physical disability within which to incarnate and so seek to evolve a new dimension of Self-integration — so that part of you which already is may have chosen the infinitely steeper path of a mental disability. Now what may happen within the liquid of the mind/soul complex is that the conditions for triggering a certain kind of growth may have been met and activated before all the other processes of the physical container are complete. There are many control systems to prevent this but nothing is exception-proof, for the ‘exception’ may have the effect of introducing a new dimension and thereby bringing esoteric laws into operation.
"Until the ego-cup has done its work of protecting the solidifying soul-liquid it must remain intact. But if the content is too much or too strong for the container, or the ego is dissolved prematurely by what seems to be an exceptional awareness (for instance throu drugs) then the result is what you call madness. The orientation that the gravity of the cup was supposed to provide collapses before the soul has acquired a multi-dimensional coherence that could sustain it — and the liquid dissipates, seeping randomly into pathways incomprehensible to the human mind. What shouldnt’ve happened until you’re ready to move out of the earth environment begins prematurely and the affected person is ‘disorientated’ or ‘alienated’ by an insight and awareness that nothing has prepared hir for — and whose reality, tho intense and subjective, seems to have no tangent with the nature of terrestrial experience.
"The person often seems to have answers to questions that have never been asked. Tragic errors in the evolution of the mind/soul complex result in inappropriate pathways merging to perpetuate disinformation within the knowledge/feeling awareness, differentiating the person at the most basic level of their experience. Behind/within/beyond lies the undying soul who has incarnated in this form and is struggling to reduce into the limited number of dimensions of terra firma the infinity of hir multi-dimensional consciousness.
"Even if s/he could do so there remains the further battle to find a conceptual language that closes the circle — enabling the sufferer to express hirself in a form comprehensible to earthlings. In all of this disorientation the knife-edge balance of consciousness is held by the psycho-chemical constituents of the body. If they too become disordered (again, drugs are a prime culprit) then the molecular construction of the cup -the ego- becomes so contaminated that its disintegration into incoherence is unavoidable.
"Even so, often, all isn’t lost because the soul retains an out-of-body awareness of the events taking place within itself/hirself. If the consciousness of such a person can wrestle with and overcome the donn√©/data of hir physical existence s/he will have insights of exceptional depth to communicate to the world — just as the wholed personality of a physically disabled person has a unique richness."

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