How do we orientate ourselves?

"While 2/3 of your reality lies in the physical, a crucial 1/3 lies in the psychic. It's vital to maintain a moral ‘triangulation point’ in the metaphysical dimension in order to orientate yourself within the physical world. The reference grid for mapping your awareness is based firstly on your heart, and secondly on your head. The third point must be your sense of ‘belonging’ and to whom/what you belong in the psychic sense. It is this alone that gives you a sense of direction. Apart from direct psychic consciousness there are many metaphors, trail markers, available to those who are still feeling their way.
"Religion and the arts are the most obvious. One overtly refers to ultra-conscious values thru a reference system built up over millennia: the other encapsulates the psychic signals transmitted by individual humans. The latter are as tall/short, good/bad, wise/foolish, as the individual souls. But may contain more or less of the psychic according to the intensity with which they have been created. A profoundly negative message transmitted by a soul in desperation may have a communicative power denied to a positive message blandly or complacently transmitted.
"That is why those who are to transmit goodness have to be led thru the underground chasms of their psyches — to carry within the peace they offer the resonance of pain resolved. In the New Age, for which we're profoundly grateful, there are many who have the character of toothpaste sales staff. They sell a bright breezy smile. But that isn’t even half the story.
"Why do you have pain? Because it's to teach you something. You completely miss the point if you merely go to get it fixed so you can carry on as before. It's the same spiritually. If you have psychological pain its because there’s something within your psyche that must be resolved. To some extent you can ‘get it fixed’ by immersing yourself in alcohol, work, relationships or the demands of a smile-merchant, or by going to a psych-iatrist (soul healer). But much of your anguish concerns your inability to find that third point of reference within the metaphysical — that sense of direction for your life. Ultimately without ‘belonging’ (that feeling of a two-way relationship with some power that is beyond you) you often can't make sense even of commonplace events in your life.
"The awareness of ‘otherness’ is always within you. You doubt it? Then consider that bizarre superstition of yours — you may have blocked awareness of the ‘irrational’ from your life, yet the subconscious always leaves a small crack in the wall throu which a splinter of light filters. You are completely good, you already have within you all you need for happiness and fulfilment. All you need do is to relax the cast-iron grip of your ego sufficiently to hear that still small voice within — no matter how ‘stupid, irrelevant, immature, inappropriate’ it may be. If you stop trying to force yourself to belong where you don’t belong — a work situation, a social group, a relationship, an environment — and respect yourself sufficiently to let your spirit guide you to the people to whom you can belong you will soon find your consciousness begins to heal.
"You don’t/won't in any sense ‘belong’ to the people you find. You simply use their common awareness to unlock your own. And as your ego merges into their collective soul so you find your deepest form of individuality respected. A paradox? Only at a superficial level."

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