Sexual Identity

"There are spiritual differences between the idea of maleness and femaleness. Which is not to say that men are wholly male or women wholly female. The point is that each represents a polarity of the dualism required for creative evolution. Each is held as a separate entity until needed for generation. It isn’t surprising that so much confusion should exist about gender in a culture where you tolerate the destruction and subversion of collective instincts for private profit.
"Unless you have one part of your consciousness functioning in the psychic realm, or collective unconscious, or non-subjective awareness -something you perceive as being outside yourself (tho it is most fully within)- you cant hope to understand any aspect of your identity, let alone sexual.
"The first point to understand is that within germination the soil is feminine, the seed masculine. Each is ‘other’ to its opposite, and within the fusion of opposites lies generative power. Within the spirit hierarchy all life is bisexual, assuming a seed-like (masculine) aspect towards the less evolved, but a soil-like (feminine) one towards those ahead on the spiral.
We of the spirit world are experienced by you as male because of our role as e-ducators (lit, drawers out). By the same token animals perceive all humans as male or ‘master’. Ironically, the receptor requires greater sensitivity than the implanter. Which accounts for some of the anguish that often accompanies the opening up of psychic awareness. It’s to do with the nature of wholeness being imparted/implanted into the ground which must be dug up/vulnerable to receive — the true function of e-ducation.
"This chain of male-female proceeds upwards to I AM who synthesizes all experience and therefore is in hirself undivided — tho in hir relationship downwards is of course male. Hence the confusion! If that’s clear we can then look at sexual identity. One of the purposes of your existence is to synthesize the male-female within your experience, that is one part of wholing the psyche and energising it to move throu the invisible barrier that detains you in the world of dualism. The process of resolution continues within the spirit world until infinite fineness is achieved tho, as mathematicians know, you never meet 0 by division, nor ∞ by multiplication.
"Each of you has been given a masculine or feminine body-form, but this may not necessarily coincide with your own sexual sense. Alas humans are still so rooted in dualistic perception that conventional structures of language and attitude hardly admit respect for the infinite variety of awareness that exists along the continuum of male/female-ness. Be that as it may, we’re asking you to write this for the benefit of truth-seekers not those who have hardly detached themselves from the primordial clay! Your body and your sexuality (which may or may not coincide) are separate factors to be reconciled within your personality just as are (say) anger/aggression/selfishness/phobias/good looks or a physical deformity.
"How you express your sexuality is vital to your spiritual growth: to whom you express it isn’t. What is important is not to choke your spiritual development by deceiving yourself about an integral component of your personality. Generally, you’ll have an awareness of a predominant sexual orientation. That is the foundation-stone of your conscious mind. Behind the mirror of the subconscious lies its converse. The process of your life is to build an arch of consciousness that enables you to travel backwards and forwards with ease throu the mirror.
"Remember what happens if you try and do things in the mirror? Not easy, is it! That’s why you have another lifetime ahead to practise! Perhaps you don’t know, aren’t sure, of your sexual orientation? That’s perfectly acceptable. Uncertainty is a spiritual principle! If you can accept your feelings and build an arch of consciousness over them which supports your soul in its growth while allowing the arch dynamic freedom to respond to your varying physical sensations that’s fine. If a time comes when you feel able to be surer, that’s fine too. We have no use for posturing ninnies of any sex!
"Exclusive emphasis on the genital aspects of sexuality is symptomatic of a people denying their spirituality. Are mere lumps of meat exciting? No, it is the soul which excites a response in the whole person, of which sex is an integral part. That’s why its all the more necessary for the truth-seeker to maintain an honest and open and constant response to hir sexuality; because those of the spirit can too easily sever their earthly moorings and drift into cloud cuckoo land. Sensual responses are there to remind you of your relationship with, and responsibility to, the earth. That the base chakra is the generative one isn’t accidental.
Sexuality is part of your life experience. You cant be released until you resolve it. Treat yourself lovingly."

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