Speed is not of the essence

"Are you superhuman? No? Then how can you expect to get everything done if you’re trying to do everyonelse’s job for them? You’re trying to control their vision, that’s what you’re trying to do. You don’t want them to see things for themselves.
You want them to see things as you see things. Is that fair? Would you like it if someone came along with a set of horse-blinders, and said ‘wear these!’?
"Trust. You must trust other people. Each has hir own development to take care of, whether they’re aware of it or not. If they haven’t asked to assume total responsibility for their souls, don’t! Its none of your business! And it's taking time out of what is your business — yourself.
"You are the only person you’re responsible for. Ask yourself what you need out of the situation. You’re trying to be needed, trying to be loved. So what about the other people who need love? Aren’t they to have a share? Will you hog it all? Respect other people, especially the incompetent, and you’ll respect yourself — for secretly you fear that you’re as incompetent as they.
"Ah well, you suffer from time constraints to be sure. What a shame you can't enjoy the vermilion dawn, the high golden green of noon, the auburn glow of twilight. They’ll all’ve run out before you get round to watching them! There was an awful lot of time around before you came on the scene, and it may still endure for a short while after your passing — so why not help yourself to a little before it runs out?
"If you can keep your head in a timeless dimension you’ll find your feet can spin from place to place without worry. Respect my wishes for you. The final shape will be whatever it needs to be. And that may be different from the one you imagined. Allow it to become the vehicle for everyone’s wishes. Move too fast and maybe nobody’ll notice you were there!
"Show some respect for other people's pace/s, and maybe they'll show some for yours."

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