Dance, little diamond, dance.

"Spirituality darts about, always on the move. It is spirit. If you think you’ve got hold of it once and for all you’re thinking materially. That’s why you must keep fit, not lumpish and clay-ey. "Dance like exquisite fairies. Captivate. Twinkle. Sparkle. Turn & laugh — and be gone. Don’t hang onto relationships for security. They’ll drag you in a straight line. Your straight line must be directly to your heart. This will plunge you throu higher dimensions to the centre of the universe. The line will appear absurdly wobbly and erratic to terrestrial observers, but that’s because, even if they can follow it, they can only conceive of it in 4 dimensions.
"Don’t be afraid to ask (not insist) for relationships on your own terms. You know what you need for growth. Rediscover your joy. Reenter your youthful hopes. Nurture your seedlings thru the winter months. Spring will come again — come sooner if you open your heart!
"Don’t try. All of us accept you just as you are. Fully become your present feelings and you’ll immediately pass to a new dimension. On is not necessarily forward, nor is backward necessarily behind you. By turning in the light like a diamond you dance, sparkle, and reflect the splendour of creation as you were meant to. Don’t be afraid of vanity, just don’t be vain. (The word means emptiness.) Empty your mind and do whatever brings delight. But maintain your respect for all creation and let your senses prompt you: if you feel yourself grow heavy and dull you’re edging yourself out of the light. So respect yourself by resting and recovering those spirits of yours."

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