Guided Fantasy 2

Swans’ down and sunshine.
Think of the golden morning of your life when everything was possible and belief presented no conflict.
Think of rising early on the first day of a holiday and greeting the dawn with delight and reverence.
Think of the first time you found a true friend.
Think of a baby’s love gazing and gurgling back at you with wondering eyes.
Think of the first time your love was truly returned.
Think of the broad sunny acres of your spiritual home. Wander around it under the tall trees.
Tread in a cowpat!* Laugh yourself silly at such an incongruous accident. Reflect that everything that happens here is for your benefit. Even the untoward. (Never let your awareness drop!)
Normally your garden requires constant attention, but today is a day off. Rest and play with your friends or lovers.
Here, because you respect others, there is no shame in anything you do. By all means make love on the grass. We have no pretence.
Interaction in the spirit world is like constant love-making. We are gratified and expanded by every exchange of thought. We accept, enjoy, and are constantly refreshed by multi-dimensional relationships.
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be too. It is the synchronicity of souls which nourishes, for it cannot be done without respect.
(Synchronizing your bodies is far simpler but paradoxically has far wider implications. A lack of respect for yourSelf allows the entry of disease. The body gives a subtle warning; if you don’t heed it you become ill.)
But today such thoughts are far from your mind, you roll in the warm clover and smell the sweet peas, and the rose petals, and the new mown hay, and you know beyond anything how good it is to be a-live!
Who would you like to be here with? Call them over to walk around the gardens you’ve laid out. Show them with pride every bush, every flower, every shrub: you know each one individually: you remember planting them.
There are no walls or barriers here, except to reflect the sun.
Sit down by the stream, gaze at the reflections of wispy clouds in a clear sky.
Drink from the clear cool stream. Offer some to your friend. You’re young and in love again. All things are possible. And the whole afternoon is before you.
When you’re ready, visit your house. What’s it like?
What do you use it for?
Are there rooms you never use?
Have you ever explored the attics? Or the cellars? Or the outbuildings?
You’re the owner. You need to know everything about it. How many guests can you accommodate?
What has such a glorious day been preparing you for?
Nightfall. Cool and gentle sleep. Resting, accepting that as night follows day, so day follows night again.
After the night, a new day will be yours. A day illimitably more special than the one you’ve just enjoyed. But that's for another time!

*Later in the day, due to a momentary distraction, I did step in a turd. Synchronicity or what?

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