The rewards of 'undergoing'

"People are right to make a connection between events occuring in nature and their own psychic attunement. The inferences they draw aren’t necessarily always correct but they do at least perceive the interconnectedness of all things, and realise the importance of aligning themselves with earth forces. As a result they come to know — both personally and collectively. Something denied to those who consider themselves cleverer.
"The buildings a society makes are the strongest indication of what it believes. What reality does your glass, steel and concrete represent? Your forebears consulted the earth energies when they built. Consider the respect for the indigenous spirits that the Hellenes showed in building their temples. Is it any wonder that they also came to understand so many profound truths about the physical universe? Truths that were at once of practical and metaphysical significance: truths that could guide and nurture.
"How many of your truths can nurture? Do they not rather imprison the enquirer in a maze of myopic relativities? A society can never come even to understand what knowledge is if it has no centre, no unifying respect for the genius loci, the guardian spirits of its own patch of earth. Without a metaphysical framework of reference it's impossible to distinguish between events of short-term interest and those of universal significance. (You can have no idea which is an event of universal significance and which of short-term interest.) As a result people run round like rats in a trap expending their priceless psychic energy on trivia, only to wonder why, when they’re overtaken by an event of real significance, they have none left. You certainly like to make it difficult for yourselves!
"‘If you want to know, look in the mirror’ is a profound truth. The soul mirror however does not reflect what the onlooker sees, it reflects a complementary image like a photographic negative. The mirror of the subconscious presents itself in dreams, flashes of intuition and events which speak to you. It's the reversed-out image that makes interpreting it so puzzling to the uninitiated. And it's important that it should be so, firstly because it's a mechanism to encourage personal growth -you can't understand without committing yourself to ‘the less trodden way’- and secondly because if people could acquire this knowledge abstractly they would use it as a form of sorcery to promote themselves and perpetuate ignorance! As some alas do anyway. You think you understand everything because we give you these words to write, but of the body of knowledge you understand no more than a fingernail.
"O don’t get deprest about testing again. What form of training doesn’t include extending your limits of endurance? If you received everything at once it would simply overload you and lead to imbalance and distortion."

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