How do you define sin?

"… Separation. But to understand that idea you must forget all the programming that tells you it's concerned with sexuality.
"To be in tune with your essential Self is to be in contact with the raw medium of your fulfilment. It's not judgmental to say that any falling short of your potential is, technically, sin – because we're not here to condemn but to guide you to a higher truth. Anything that brings about inner disunity creates separation (=sin), but it's no worse than a bum note in a chord waiting to be resolved into harmony.
"However, it cannot have escaped your notice that this sense of inner dissonance is an endemic aspect of the bicameral brain – so it really is most misguided to go about creating guilt, as if this state was in some way the individual’s personal responsibility. That is like rousing sleepers by blasting a megaphone in their ears! What will their reaction be on waking ... peaceable, loving and sympathetic to collective development? I rest my case!
"Everything truthful resonates with harmony. Harmony facilitates communication and cooperation — indeed nothing much is possible without it. So all activities/thoughts that lead to unity help to heal thru the individual’s personal & collective awareness.
"The reason Jesus the Christ has unique power to ‘deliver from sin’ is because of the cosmic interaction of his life. His acceptance of a destiny which was to involve the disintegration of his personality was what gave his life and teaching power that echoes undiminished down the corridors of time. Having allowed himself to become the active servant of the most profound purposes of the universe, and having achieved a unique degree of integration between psychic and physical consciousness, the Christ then with superhuman abnegation was able to accept not just his own destruction but the apparent destruction of this unique consciousness that the whole of his life had apparently been devoted to establishing. (And you think you’ve got problems?!) Can you now see how far that transcends the wisdom of the many other Christs who have opened themSelves to inspiration?"

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