The nature of I AM, the existent one

"Rlimderstand the narure of Hod is impossible necause s@he is in constant evolutionè Uje nesyt amu pop;f is vcam jp[e tp dp os tp imdetsyamndm wjay s.he to take our understanding as ffar along the road as it is willing to go,S;he is so multi-dimensional that to catakig a dwq asoects seems almost iumpertinen.
"Does that make sense? What is sense, and how can you recognise it? Why do you seek in the juxtaposition of characters an awareness of anything but pattern? In the answer to such questions lies the begining of a non-linear awareness you must cultivate if you’re ever to comprehend the nature of the universe.
"To understand the nature of I AM is impossible because s/he is in constant evolution. Yet we do already know it instinctively (in our hearts).
"We have to draw analogies and make metaphors for a land of experience so far beyond what imagination can comprehend — yet we/you are aware of the destination before setting out, for it defined our wish to travel. The best way to journey is to take your understanding as far along the road as its willing to go — and when the time is right the mind adds an additional dimension to its awareness as easily as an automatic gearbox changes gear.
"The nature of I AM, the existent one, is so multi-dimensional that to catalog a few aspects seems almost impertinent. The easiest way to start is to think of the most recent occasion you were among close friends: when you laughed and reveled in each other’s company, and shared something unique between yourselves, the warmth of which you lack now you’re apart. At that time you no longer felt isolated, your personalities melded together to assume a identity of common interest. You couldnt’ve said what it was, but you knew it was there. A dimension was added to your ‘idea’ of happiness that hadn’t been there before. That is one aspect of divine nature. The experience itself isn’t ‘God’, but the nature of the experience is — that ‘being on the same wavelength’. The profoundest element in the divine nature is the very simplest — a desire for companionship. If you have watched other people enjoying themselves and have felt yourself excluded by an invisible pane of glass then you have understood another aspect of God — both inclusion and exclusion. S/he (God) is all knowledge and all pain, all unspoken love and all failure of communication. There is nothing that can happen which exists as a dimension outside hir character.
"On the one hand such complexities of emotion are too vast to comprehend, on the other they’re too intimate. Like you, we of the spirit world, can't comprehend a reality of such magnitude. Indeed endeavouring to understand it is the magnet that draws all life onward. Spiritual progress (enhanced awareness) involves passing throu apparently-solid walls.
"At first you instinctively create conceptual boundary walls in order to ‘make sense of’ the information you have received. But as you go inward to a deeper knowledge of your own heart so you also move your horizon outward, because your acceptance of the laws of gravity has released you to move upward. As you expand your boundaries you marvel at the childish inadequacy of your earlier limits. Yet great masters always retain the child’s initial sense of wonder. That is the key to the saying ‘experience is a circle whose circumference is everywhere, whose centre nowhere.’ When you are truly balanced you no longer need build any walls because you no longer need ‘support’.
"You exist, but more than that, you know you exist. You have an awareness (existential multi-dimensionality, if you wish) which can project itself into the minds of others or the consciousness states of all animate and inanimate creation, precisely because it knows itself. You can begin to feel the yearning in a blade of grass. But you can hardly ever be aware of more than one emotional state at a time. The source of the universe, the Existent One, simultaneously comprehends and processes all imaginable emotional states from murderous rage to seraphic bliss, not only as an exalted policy maker but as the softest hearted nursing mother. Nor on one level only. Hir imagination creates (and is in turn created by) the complete range of possibilities within every single physical and metaphysical life-form.
"Even the word range mis-implies something ultimately finite — but here you can begin to understand multi-dimensionality. There is no outer edge to I AM, yet there are degrees of probability, and as the strength of probability decreases so it metamorphoses dimension and takes on a new character, but at the same time is suspended multilaterally in the optimum inter-relationship by the relative strengths of probability.
"It's true of your own personality too: if you take time to consider how your opinions are ‘held’ — how they form your nature, yet are in turn formed by it. They form your awareness (the probabilities that constitute your belief-system) which plays a major part in the makeup of your personality. No explanation of existence can follow a two dimensional line, for experience exists in an ever-increasing number of dimensions. Yet you can't start by explaining multi-dimensionality in abstract, because it doesn’t exist in abstract, only in relation to the percepts which create it.
"This is the reality of spiritual understanding. You have to be willing to surrender conceptual thought for perceptual awareness; and for those who have been intensively trained in the former this is a painful reversal of their world-view. You see multi-dimensionality in the web of interconnecting relationships every person builds up over a lifetime. The dimensions of relationship are forever being extended and deepened. Far from bewildering the individual, the complexity of these inter-relationships seems to grow more profoundly simple as the years pass. So it is at the pulsing heart of the universe.
"I AM draws you onward into love, into a fullness of experience where yin and yang dissolve in complete satisfaction. In the meantime, yet permanently, s/he trembles at the rejection of your coldness, grieves over your near-sightedness, cherishes your insights — yet is also the vacuum that creates and nurtures your expansion by being the pressure which impels you outward into yourself. S/he is so unimaginably vast yet so indivisibly intimate that no mental framework can comprehend the scale of hir existence within the limitations of four-dimensional language. That is one purpose of your existence: as the search is rewarded it levitates you into deeper realms designed to further that awareness until it grows close to you — and in meeting you becomes I AM. As ever, the irony exists that you have to discover what the granite rocks know.
"You yourselves know before you discover: what you discover is not new, it's another way of knowing the same knowledge — another dimension — the more dimensions you can be aware of the more coherent the image that you have of ‘knowledge’ and its relationship to existential reality — itself only an illusion. A mystery? No, infinitely simple. Your heart has already revealed more than you can ever absorb via your head."

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