Illness brings unique opportunities

"Now you’ve read about intestinal ecology you realise you could’ve killed your dauter when she was small by persisting with an inappropriate medicine. It should teach you to have the utmost care and sensitivity in offering spiritual remedies to others. I repeat what has been said before: don't meddle with what you don't understand. Pray for your understanding to be enlarged by all means, but speak and act only from what you know. You may fool yourself, you’ll never fool anyonelse, especially not skeptics!
"The practise of medicine has been perverted by those with an earthly awareness, so that instead of raising consciousness it merely treats physical symptoms with physical remedies.
That was never what it was meant to be. In physical sickness you have an ideal opportunity to interact with the psychic. Sickness brings a time of heightened awareness of the spiritual. The veil separating them becomes thin and a true healer can help the patient to synchronise hir rhythms to the larger cycles of which s/he is a part, and so, by learning the lessons the ill health (unwholeness) was sent to teach, can avoid a recurrence. Is that the way your hospitals practice medicine? Enough said!
"Our hospitals are very different. We have sickness too, but not in the way or sense that you do. Our consciousness exists as it were an arch. If one stone in the span is weak or crumbling all can at once feel it. Tho each of us is, like each of you, perfect for what we are now, as we realise that perfection there are new dimensions of perfection calling us forward. And it must inevitably be some can more readily accept the opportunities than others. The arch can only grow if all grow in the same rhythm. Again, as with you, those who don’t trust themselves sufficiently to grasp the moment when transformation beckons begin to lose power/ momentum. Unlike you we don’t trample these personalities underfoot in the race to be cock of the dung heap, we bear them up in love, surrounding each with nurture and affection until they feel strong enough to resume their place in the arch of consciousness. And for that purpose we maintain zones of intense love where batteries can be recharged and hearts set ablaze with tenderness.
"No soul can leave the earth-plane until anger has entirely evaporated from hir heart. (Can you see now the function of martyrdom?) But join us who, tho bleached of anger, are dry and withered for lack of love. You see, doubt and inadequacy are not the prerogative of your dimension! It is the care we give which differs. For us, to suffer our common consciousness to diminish by a fraction would be to trigger the implosion of our multi-dimensionality and therefore for our personalities to slide into oblivion for want of a mutual awareness to sustain them. Can you see now how ‘safe’ you are? Whatever happens you are anchored to your physical body until released. The ego’s greatest fear is of being in some way obliterated, that fear motivates half the grief and misery of your planet (the other half we'll deal with another time!) Now, our egos have been subsumed within a greater whole in which we joyously exist so we don’t fear ceasing to exist, however, we know collectively that if we allowed one personality to fall from the arch of our consciousness the whole structure would collapse and all of us would be lost. To use an analogy you can possibly understand, each of us would fall out of our common spaceship to drift further and further apart in an interstellar vacuum where all communication was impossible because our common dimensions, or wavelengths, had been ruptured. We should be like stars disintegrating tho, cruelly, never ceasing to exist.
"In fact that is ‘impossible’ within the interlocking helixes of reality that constitute the multi-dimensional universe, but that is the case only because every single soul who has advanced beyond the earth dimensions is profoundly aware of hir responsibility to maintain, by upward progression, this incalculably vast structure of mutual awareness - at whose epicentre is the One who both transcends and creates all matter and consciousness, who interpenetrates every being yet is all, who knows all dimensions of thought and experience within unity, who is all action within complete repose."

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