A difficult day for me on earth - yet in the ætheric realm …

"The planet can't evolve to that ‘new heaven and earth’, perceived by so many seers until earth-dwellers, down to the very last one, harmonise their skills and knowledge with the environment. The process of harmonisation is holistic. If you learn to harmonise with the earth you can't avoid becoming more conscious of those around you: and vice versa. Once you fall into harmony the algorithms of the planet will alter and the transformation will accelerate. At that stage everyone -billions of you- will be so attuned you'll see how the hurt of one single individual retards the process. Physical matter will by then be so interpenetrated by the metaphysical that our realm will partly dissolve. You’ll always be limited in the sense of having a physical body, but the ignorance, the sickness, the anguish that you think of as ‘the human condition’ will have evaporated.
"Bodies will of course wear out, but your transition to the non-physical world will be as natural as the progress from adolescence to adulthood. The lion will lie down with the lamb. Nature will be redeemed. The circling seasons will bring a progression of joys. Once mankind stills its own turbulence you'll be amazed at the extent to which the earth’s turbulence will resolve itself.
"We have given you this vision because you haven’t sought anything for yourself. Those who grasp and seek to retain for personal gain have a mind-set that sees only what is to their ‘advantage’. They’re simply not on the wavelength to see what is obvious to the pure in heart.
The concept of socialised welfare was one of the great advances (Dr Alfred Salter is here, ‘nodding’ in approval) — it synthesised a common awareness that solutions could be found to mankind’s age-old ailments. Alas, those who saw that it couldn’t operate within a system of unfairly divided resources were not willing to study and accept our pace of change.
"What that experience should remind you all is you can't accomplish your own transformation. (We can't accomplish our own either.) Each realm of existence is interdependent. Each progressively filters out the grosser properties of a person’s character – bodies being like millstones to grind grain of the soul to flour of the spirit. As a personality becomes lighter than the surrounding matter so s/he progresses to a new environment. This process is ongoing in realms far beyond our imagining. Because the design of the universe is dynamic it's ever creating more dimensions. The divine intelligence which we come more and more to perceive is ever in a process of self-creation. That s/he moves ahead of us isn’t retreat, it's simply natural growth /evolution, which calls all of us onward thru dimensions of awareness unimaginable to our present state.
"What function do you think sci-fi literature has? Why do you think humanity now understands so much about cyber-space? On one level ultra-consciousness has leaked into your dimension. Most of you don’t know how or why yet, but some can process these images into a form which relates to their concept of reality. However these things are only childish imagination compared to the full emotionally-integrated richness which we who have left the body can see. And beyond us are those too fine for your perception whose realm of existence is our goal.
"If you concentrate on being most truly where/what/who you are you will so gain respect for yourself that you’ll hear your own authentic inner voice. That voice calls you into harmony with all created things. Don’t be afraid to lose a belief in so-called ‘God’. Whatever you thought about hir is out of date anyway. Imagine a tree growing. Its topmost branches are in continual development. Yet if you look over a long long period at the lower part of the trunk you may not notice any appreciable difference. Someone who had never seen a tree might not be able to recognise that the leafless form was the same being as the verdant. Or that both were implicit in the sapling. So you don’t need to worry about what words you use to describe your feelings. You are alive? You know that? (Sure?) Then you have all the knowledge you need.
"Just breathe in and out that knowledge of your precious individual existence and you’ll have the most priceless source of reference. Don’t buy any more books on self-improvement until you’re able to respond without fear to your own breath.

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