Listen with your eyes: watch with your ears!

"In receiving knowledge use the yin side of your personality to absorb a complete picture, to hear the things unsaid. Information given on any subject has perforce to concentrate on concepts — but it's invariably the percepts that are of primary value. And these can rarely be exprest. Listen with your eyes: watch with your ears!
"Knowledge/awareness exists as musó: it has the potential to be anything — for the purposes of communication it has to become something specific: but that doesn’t mean it can't still potentially be all the other things as well. Put another way: what exists does so independently of human knowledge. While human perception doesn't alter the essence of what exists — human interaction may lead to one particular manifestation rather than another. Truth therefore isn’t what anyone says about something — its what it is, regardless of perception – tho it may indeed be an act of perception that draws ‘truth’ from multi-dimensionality into a reality of limited dimensions where it can more easily be understood. That’s why balance is supremely important in listener and teacher alike. Doubt plays an important role in assisting balance. The extra dimensions within a thought-form, which often can't find expression within human language, are like the aura surrounding individuals — only those with developed sensitivity can see them. Yet they’re the silent witnesses that attest the ultimate probity of what is being said.
"Always trust instincts not words."

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