Q Land/sea/earth/air. How could the 4 basic elements mutate?

A "Well, can you imagine, for a start, if every person on the planet harmonised with each other and with the fundamental elements? So that instead of competing against each other for natural resources and seeking to overcome nature you cooperated and allowed the instincts of every plant, animal and human to fall into rhythm with the turning cycle of the sidereal year? By fulfilling your psychic destiny that great scream of pain which characterises so much of planetary experience would die away to be lost in time as a distant echo from a forgotten past.
If all awareness were held in common then where could the private hurt that nurtures anger grow?
"If you respected yourSelves you’d respect others and never seek to impose your consciousness on them. What then would be the reaction of your animal helpers who have laboured so long and patiently under your insensitive tyranny? Suppose they no longer needed to fear humans? Once these things are well in hand the metabolic structure of matter will begin to develop in response to a global consciousness that no longer blindly divides physical & metaphysical existence.
"This doesn’t mean to say, given a physical world, that accidents will no longer happen. What it does mean is that all will have a consciousness that, being harmonized with nature, responds positively to every situation. The sensitivity that one will have for another will long before have put paid to the exploitation of labour, or the multiplication of luxury for the few, or the segregation and degradation of any group. The different awarenesses of each sector will be cherished as complementary by those whose awareness has evolved by another route, and a symbiotic sensitivity will emerge between all individuals and those to whom they delegate management.
"Travel, instead of reinforcing the ego state with an indifference to the transitory environment, will enrich and enlarge your awareness — and it will be appreciated that to maintain individual and collective balance certain self-imposed constraints on the facility of movement may be desirable.
• Where mutual awareness/respect exists locks aren’t necessary.
• If all take a balanced view secrecy is no longer desirable.
• Where individual profit is no longer a criterion all can afford the long view.
"Such a vision isn’t to imply a mere lotus land. No, all of us find our highest Self in service — the skills & energies of each individual blending in balanced awareness to create a harmony of enterprise and achievement. Where respect exists those of humble attainments are welcomed and encouraged while those of exceptional talent find an environment in which deep acknowledgement provides the stimulus for further development. The less developed aspire to learn, the more developed desire to share. How best to prepare for such a time?
1) Control nothing. Look at what happens when you try! Don’t assume responsibility for anyone but yourself.
2) Change isn’t the key: it's Being. Being is full acceptance of yourSelf and your present environment. Only by entering fully into what you’re trying to escape from are you freed to release it.
3) Worship & Praise are the key to growth. Praise is the response of a ‘let out’ soul — a great ecstatic glorious sunlit fulfilling reply to the goodness of all things. If you can't accept a flood of joy, then allow as much of a trickle as you dare to whet your soul. Praise is exprest both vocally and in your life. Singing, or making a joyful noise, is a powerful affirmation of the goodness you feel in your life — and vice versa. Worship too is important but subtler. Whom, or what, do you worship? What’s your personal response to the all encompassing reality of I AM. You could worship anything or nothing, anyone or noone; all would still express an aspect of the life-force or guiding personality of the universe.
"Just as the eye can see only part of the whole so our (yes, even our) inner vision can only comprehend incompletely. Each group of searchers represents an aspect of Hir personality. Different people respond more readily to one understanding than another. What is important however that you commit yourself fully to that group while you’re in it – even if you're drawn to change groups as your perception deepens. Without that commitment you’ll never absorb from the experience the sweetness that waits for you like nectar in a flower. In a fully interdependent world you’ll feel something of that mutuality I’ve explained elsewhere about our life in the spiritual realm. It has to be carefully nurtured and based on a progressively deepening awareness. Each separate grouping needs to respect and understand groupings who respond to a different aspect of the divine character. This calls for a real exercise of spiritual imagination and generosity — but can only be rewarding for all parties.
"Too often you of the earth realm stare at the glass instead of looking throu it – you listen only to the words instead of hearing the inner meaning. All spiritual awareness is dynamic. Words themselves must never be 'believed' but require to be disentangled from the thickets of assumption in which they’re embedded. They can also only be studied from a height.
Develop your inner sensitivity and the true golden meaning of any word will not long remain hidden. Study any words as you would the bark of a tree and you’ll never understand the inner meaning of the heart of an oak."

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