Super-human values

"In the divine plan for the world there would be no losers. All have chosen to come here specifically to grow, maybe even to perfect areas of their personalities. But you have distorted the balance. Greedy people have laid claim to what was never theirs and then built up a philosophy of force to defend it. Once one group starts to behave aggressively it creates a psychosis within the environment that soon spreads. Militarism is an infection which destroys any society in which it takes root. It creates an immediate distortion within the social structure, deforming the natural balance between the other necessary agencies of any state and diverting not only resources but attention from spiritually more important issues.
"The functions which are viewed by us as of primary importance are those which promote psychic growth and the development of soul. Why submit yourself to a long dark tunnel unless you’re going to emerge transformed? If you trusted yourselves one iota you wouldn’t need exams to prove ... to prove what? Do they prove that the holder of a piece of paper has wisdom in the use of hir skills? Do they prove that s/he is a better person than one who doesn’t possess a wafer thin slice of tree?
"Many excellent people work within these psychologically-crippling institutions of yours yet they make no attempt to reform them. In their own way they become promoters of the lie just as culpably as their masters. Practical knowledge constitutes increased self-awareness allied to enhanced skills. Integrated knowledge makes the face shine, but a corrupted or partial concept of knowledge gives everyone a sick headache.
"The arts are a medium by which we are most powerfully enabled to influence humanity for good. But here we find our work tragically hampered by the misapprehensions of those who have no higher awareness. The unfolding of any psychic faculty is like peeling back a protective layer. If you aren’t used to the sun, when you visit a hot climate you must protect your skin at first. Psychically that protective layer is like clothing you wear until you’re acclimatised to the ultra-consciousness of the spirit world and ready to bask in the spiritual sun. Powerful experiences within the arts are akin to religious stimulation. You suddenly perceive the empyrean freedom that is truly yours. Perhaps your enthusiasm motivates you to strip away the protective layer and impulsively open your heart?
"But what happens next if you aren’t among those who have the knowledge and experience to nurture and guide you? It's obvious isn’t it? After a great deal of heart-searching & heart-ache the protective layer grows back as crude and ugly as a scar. When you’re dealing with commercialism in the arts you’re talking about people who have the same view of their subject as undertakers do of death — they may not know what it's all about but they know what people are prepared to pay for! And therefore they, promoters not undertakers!, orientate their whole function to stimulating demand not satisfying it.
"It's the will of our ultimate parent that all should grow healthy and wise both in mind and body. Everybody starts from a different position, some favourable, some unfavourable. Therefore healing and caring have a profoundly important function within our view of society. The difference between that and the way humans have chosen to organise themselves is an alarming indicator of how far you collectively have still to go before any fundamental transformation of the outer world can take place. In your culture the sick in body and mind are penalised and discarded. How can they hope to recover their spirits in the face of such hostility?
"If we now look at what you do think is important, what do we find? Things we of the inner world view as supremely insignificant. They all centre around control and manipulation (or man-age-ment as you so aptly call it). And why are they insignificant? Because all cluster around the ego function. ‘I must be important, I must dominate, I must lead!’ Must I? Why? Who says? ‘Because I who doubt that I exist except when I see myself reflected in the dilated pupils of my subordinates.’
"That isn’t for you, not if you want to grow. You’ll never be free again if you follow that road. The world has at least developed to the degree that would-be leaders no longer need actually to kill incessantly to preserve their ego-environment. Nowadays they leave their victims alive, tho in our view that is sometimes a dubious advantage, for sudden death gives powerful release to a spirit to penetrate more rarefied atmospheres. But once you as a manager have taken one of those ‘hard decisions’ you have taken the first step on a road piled with skulls. Are you willing to acquire that karma?
"If you want to lead you must be prepared for people to attach themselves to you as barnacles fasten themselves to a hull. The larger and more popular you are the more you'll be slowed down by crustaceans on your bottom! Do you actually want that, or would you rather move freely & invisibly throu the depths?"

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