How to create win-win situations

"In all actions have in mind the ultimate good of others.
"If you perceive that as being in contrast to your own interest you’re still judging things from the viewpoint of ego. The universe is constructed to promote Win-Win situations. The insect gets its own nutrients by helping to pollinate plants. You help someone, both of you feel good. Only humankind has introduced the dualism of competition for its own sake. In nature contests serve the function of securing the best leadership/breedership. Humans have all the æons of animal programming in their egos to sublimate. That’s one of the main purposes of this epoch.
"If you’re to cohabit productively there is simply no room for antediluvian egos rampaging around. Yet to suppress any instincts is a travesty of their function. That’s the difficulty so many young people face. So they cluster around some totemic figure who seems to embody the character of a seemingly heroic achievement. Too often such people have been elevated to a shamanic role by the composition of their own unresolved dilemmas, literally!, and are unready to bear the weight of responsibility.
"Yours is a severely dysfunctional society. The wisdom of the ancients has been torn aside for financial gain. But for every short-term profit there is a deficit. And for this reason the rich can never divorce their responsibility for the poor. The more a society promotes and endorses individual wealth at the expense of common welfare the more the stinking rags of beggars cling to it until at the last it requires only shadows to rise up and engulf it in the phantasmagoria of its own fears.
"Win-Lose invariably leads to Lose-Lose. This is intended to provide gentle instruction in the advantages of Win-Win to those who have perception! If A prospers without profiteering all win. If A profits at the expense of B a psychic deficit is built up, for their sense of comm-unity (COMMon hUmaNITY) is sundered; so in reality both lose. The tragedy is that the one who now drives a smart new car doesn’t realise hir impoverishment. And this has come about because the guardians of society have been bribed to support falsehood. They’re in unholy leag with the robbers who would have it so. The system requires anyone seeking public attention to become, in some measure, a participant or stockholder in the great lie. All therefore have an interest in keeping the lie afloat, so that as the profits from it rise so do the dividends they enjoy.
"What is the great lie? That the physical world constitutes all that’s knowable — that fulfilment can come without personal search — that acquisition stills psychic hunger — that the status quo is endangered by righting injustices — that behaviour which would be despised in private is acceptable in public morality — that the end justifies the means. They're indivisible.
"Unless this interlocking chain of misrepresentation can be shattered the deficit will continue to accumulate until it overwhelms the innocent along with the guilty. It's up to you to create the Win-Win environment. Yes, you.
"If you practise what has been said about just being yourself you can be a faithful and powerful witness -not ‘martyred’ and reluctant- but enthusiastic and ready to negotiate for good in a pleasant and friendly spirit."

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