One lifetime may not be enough

"You can best understand the transformation of matter and experience if you think of a situation where everyone wills the same end. At the moment all the many algorithms (combined patterns) of past karma have a jangling unsettling effect — cogs don’t engage — rhythms don’t synchronize. So many egos all determined to ride their own cycles! You know how tiring it is trying to focalise if you’ve got people pulling in their own direction. That will all change as the physical world replenishes itself with evolved souls. When all are on the same wavelength the energy of one is available to all — and the faltering individual can immediately tap into the charge held by the whole. It is tiresome for the more advanced to wait for stragglers — but its an essential part of all becoming wholed.
"God hirself is heal-th because s/he unifies the mental capacity of a super-Einstein with the sensitivity of a mountain violet — and from that wholing comes a fusion that powers spiritual batteries with an endlessly renewable energy source. Indeed the universe depends on hir continuing evolution, drawing onward yet synthesising all subordinate experience. In the same way that individual progress comes from resolving issues so too does the collective development within societies.
"Look at the most spiritually developed cultures — what do they have in common? Communication, compassion, and respect for minorities. Here again you see a multi-dimensional function: the individual soul returns to earth to be reborn, to progress in hir wholing and thus be energized for re-entry to the spirit realm. But part of that wholing has a collective application. By virtue of existing you are privileged to participate in evolving/wholing/creating the metamorphosis of a group soul within your 'elective affiliates' – and beyond that exists an earth soul expressing the cumulative aspirations of all life in your era. A similar helix of progressive relationships extends and simplifies itself throu the spiritual realms in an ever increasing number of dimensions until it includes all that can be imagined. (Still that isn’t God! For s/he is all and beyond what exists, yet is also before and ever within each of us. You see therefore why it's simply impossible to live, let alone evolve, in isolation — however much there may be times when its right to be alone?
"If you find it hard to conceive of a soul other than as a personality having the emotions and awareness such as you yourself possess — then allow your rhythms to slow right down until you can feel the energy of praise in a meadow, or the longing for acknowledgement in a rock-formation, or the silent wisdom of an animal. Management of the environment must above all respect those souls who can't articulate their rights for themselves. Awareness of the feelings of all animate life is a major part of experiencing the energy/will of these wider collective entities. Then again, don’t try to feel them, or worry if you can't. When you’re ready you will.
"Spiritual progress always has this multi-dimensional aspect. On the one hand it's deeply personal, on the other its inescapably collective. Reconciling all these experiences and holding them in balance is enough for many lifetimes — let alone a short one like yours!"

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