Co-creating the future

"In all creative art the artist leans forward to draw hirself into the future, and the future into hirself. What s/he sees of it at first is what you see on a hazy morning or in afternoon mist: there are indistisinct shapes of ideas which its the business of the artist to filter thru hir imagination into a material form.
"As s/he becomes more experienced so s/he grows more familiar with the nature of what s/he encounters within hirself and therefore better able to express it. If hir work is publicly acknowledged the artist is immeasurably helped by having other points of contact for the psychic web of hir ideas. Art is a form of mediumship — a sort of earth mediumship that anyone who has the gift can practise. Your society is still so primitive and unused to having windows that you worship the glass (the medium) instead of looking thru it. Do you see how, now your society is ready for idea of multi-dimensionality, its visual artists and writers who have first received the ideas and turned the abstract concepts of scientists into a form that has emotional reality?
"What we give as direct teaching is for the initiated. For those of lower consciousness we offer pictures, sounds, stories that they can grasp. Don’t despise the cruder, or crassly commercial, forms. When you first learnt to read you were so proud of your skill you’d read anything and everything. I remember you reading advertisement hoardings. That’s the function of TV Soaps. They’re teaching people to 'read'. So they never get beyond Lesson 1? Okay, that’s their privilege. If that’s where they’re happy, don’t disturb them. Maybe they’ll move forward in this lifetime — maybe they wont. We’ve got time.
"Fancy thinking 1000 years was a literal number – linking spiritual time to the sidereal year! Spiritual time responds to intensity. If you shamble along not noticing your surroundings, well then, nothing moves much. But when you feel you’re running for your life the spiritual clock is fairly whizzing round … It's when you feel vibrantly alive — whether from good or bad emotions.
"Emotion is the clue. Sidereal time ticks away like a taxi, eventually you’ll come to your destination -or get out early if the fare's too costly- but spiritual time is another dimension, and one that interacts strongly amongst the psyche of all humans. Why do you all want to rush to see the latest one-hit wonder? Because there the psychic interaction makes time leap forwards. That’s magic!
"Okay. Look beyond that. Realise that all that energy goes to waste because tho the ‘magician' has called it into existence s/he probably doesn’t have a ghost of an idea what to do with it. Then it either fizzles out or grows cancerous. And still you humans never learn the lesson!"

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