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There are two ways of experiencing god-energy – by aligning with the forces within nature, and by experiencing the inspiration of a parallel reality which transcends our natural senses. Both are equally valid. Ultimately there is no contradiction between them. They are complementary. Indeed both are required if we are to form a clear picture of the being who is the source of all energy. We are both matter and spirit and cannot begin to express our true nature until both are in balance.
We need to align ourselves with the rootedness of an immobile life-form if we are to understand the geographical, ethnic & cultural root stock from which we've grown. Yet this alone cannot tell us everything about who/what we are called to become. Spirit is as-it-were the sun that provides the energy for us to grow towards our true nature, which is to be in harmony with both created matter and its spiritual foundations.
If we see that the source of all life is a profound yet ever-evolving harmony that progresses by resolving /integrating dissonance then we can understand how the forces we call evolution and love are not separate but synonymous.
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