The opposite of being free is struggling

"To be free means letting go of struggle. If you’re struggling you cannot be free: if you’re free you don’t struggle. (Struggling is when you want to express your energy. Freedom is when we express our mutual energies.) The ultimate purpose of life on earth is that matter is irradiated with light, and light becomes substantiated in physical forms. For those who have set their foot on the path of light this is all that matters. They may have been given a specific task but the purpose is to channel light energy throu the enterprise, not vice versa. Therefore witnessing to the light should always take precedence. Ask the energy to supply your needs, ask with all your intensity yet without struggling. Then walk forth joyfully expecting miracles.
"Where problems exist there are debts which must be paid. Where debts exist there are attitudes which must be looked at. The only way to resolve such things is to bring light into the anguish that has created the problem. And that means letting go of your desired solution (The chances are The Powers That Be are planning something more profound.) So don’t know the answers, don’t see the solution.
"Immerse yourself in the transforming power of love. PS. Don’t confuse necessary hard work with struggle, and don’t mistake bewildering circumstances for struggle. If you find yourself overwhelmed use discernment to stay detached. Salmon swimming upstream have hard and confusing work, but a natural force empowers them. That natural force is given you to find. Don’t hold on to power, give it, use it, share it. Let the inner you (your natural force) speak."

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