Moving out of your comfort zone is always uncomfortable - but there are big rewards

"Rejoice Jerusalem, for your time has come to be delivered. If you can give up the notion that your Jerusalem is one particular spot or situation (Ego) then you release the power that that Ego represents to be shared on a higher plane. It feels scary because it is scary. That‘s why we say ‘one step at a time’.
"When you have crossed all the other bridges, there remains the tightrope over the chasm. No power on earth can accomplish the crossing. Only if you are utterly centred in the highest power can you keep your balance in the winds that howl around you, and the fears that drag you down. Keep your vision perfectly steady and focus only on the other side. (Hahaha, and after that comes the chasm without any tightrope at all! – But you’ll have some more climbing to do to get to that!) And after such exertion rest is sweet. Remember, it will come as surely, as night follows day & as the flood tide follows the ebb tide. Your nourishment is love, the more you create, the more nourished you will be personally.
"Black as it may look, your time of deliverance has already come. So rejoice, and live in the memory of those mountain top experiences, even when you’re compelled to deal with the lowest forms of energy. Go in love, go with God."

Reading this after a gap of 15 years I see how well the plan worked! I was, in a way, lured by my ego into an unsustainable position, a shoe-string publishing enterprise that drained the last ounce of energy and money out of me. The following year a crash came due to outside events. It swept everything away. While this felt utterly awful, the fact that I knew a) what happened wasn't my fault & b) I was following some kind of path came me confidence to survive the melt-down of my Ego. In the end result everything worked out much better. There really was a happy ending! But if that had been told me I would've immediately wanted to cut to the chase and not go throu the necessary hoops which were in the long run the 'proving process'.

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