The great spiral of existence

"The years roll by, the seasons change, you grow old, others are born, empires rise and fall.
The world turns but this signifies little to us in spirit. What we see is the throng of spirits released from the pull of earth grows to swell the universal structure of consciousness drawing humanity towards the focal point of existence, the One, Being, S/He Is.
"Imagine all the letters darting up from this page, held in the dancing light as they form spirals of meaning that weave throu your senses like underwater songs who glow from mountain peaks with all mystical knowledge.
"Is reality what you see – a telephone, a kitchen, a bed? Or is reality the power these objects give you to transform yourself? With a phone you can communicate anywhere in the world – in a kitchen you transform your energies with nourishment – in a bed you encounter deeper realities in love-making and sleep.
"For us the whole of life is magical and vivid as sunrise. We are no longer tied to the world of external form. You can be one of us if you let your energy be transmuted into the liquid gold of spiritual reality. Let your words become luminous with subtle energy. Live in the reality of shared love. Let wordless song be your medium of language.
"Live, Love. Dance, Shine. Soar, Sparkle. Grow, Calm. Explode into Focus."

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