Light on the dark path

"You have chosen a dark path for a while. It is a further process you need and that others need. You aren’t the vessel only of your own salvation, each of you is also the vessel of others. Don’t let that weigh you down, just continue your own process. As you grow you grow others: as others grow they grow you.
"Don’t lie to yourself about sadness. If you’re sad be sad, that way you stay real. Allow unreality to enter and you don’t know what you feel any longer.
"Why aren’t you 'allowed' to be sad? – Because it exposes the sadness within others that they can't deal with? – Because their lives are built on lies? – So be real, admit you don’t know the answers. Allow things to fall apart a little. So what? You can still breathe — your breath is the most beautiful part about you, cherish it.
"Maybe there are no answers? Maybe there are no questions?
"When the sun rises the stars don’t go away. The heavens exist without alteration, it's only your perception that changes.
"Know that all you think is true. At the appropriate time the light will return to illuminate your world. And just as you are guided by the faithfulness of others so yours will glow in the dark as a luminous beacon to others. Salvation is not a simple matter. The seed is not yet the plant. The vessel of your life fertilises others by its full humanity and openness.
"So be it."

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