The divine impulse is present in all life

"People get confused by the difference between the clear sky of heaven above the clouds and the patchy weather of the earth. Once they’ve made a spiritual commitment they expect everything to be sunny on earth all the time. Nothing could be further from probability.
The rain falls upon the just as on the unjust feller,
But more upon the just because the unjust hath the just’s umbrella.
"Acknowledging your cosmic awareness brings you into a right relationship vertically and so, by expanding your intuitive awareness, helps you make sense of your horizontal relationships. In no sense does it exempt you from the physical laws of cause and effect, rather it intensifies them. The divine impulse is present in all life: all are called to realise & fulfil their uniquely individual character. Of those to whom little is given, little is expected.
"But those called to higher service are given greater sensitivity, and therefore find their path doesn’t lie easily within the world’s patterns. Often, to begin with, they aren’t aware of having a ‘vocation’ as such. They struggle to make sense of their gifts within a conventional environment and wonder why their peers don’t understand. Learning the difference between what is God-ward and what is human-ward can be a painful process.
"Resolution is itself the solution: growth in spiritual awareness resolves doubt and an increased sense of belonging dissolves fear. You learn to accept and treasure what you are, not to pretend and strive for what you think you ought to be. You can only achieve a small part of this by yourself: for the rest you need a tribe of like-minded people in whose pool of consciousness you can refresh yourself as you also contribute. This is the collective aspect of salvation: nurture it and it will nurture you."

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