Attraction is a spiritual principle

"Attraction is a spiritual principle. You grow you’re attracted to form units of cooperation – from 2 to 2,000,000. Within attraction there are internal checks and balances intended to keep you in a right relationship with the attracting entity and with yourself. The attraction will have opened up a need within you — that is how you know you’re being attracted!
"If you throw yourself into it you won't satisfy your deepest instinct, which is to grow the desired quality within yourself. Attraction is, in any case, a mutual process. If the other party is unable to acknowledge it the result can never be growth for either. Instead, a self-imprisonment takes place which accurately reflects the individual’s subconscious world. And that’s as true for your relationship with groups as it is with individuals.
"The ultimate function of relationships is to open up and exchange awareness. By so doing you and the relationship are sustained and grow. It’s always a 1 to 1 process whether the other party is a single person or the unity of a group awareness. In either case the goal is interdependent independence not submission/submersion.
"If you throw yourself at the object of your desire you surrender your own power of attraction, namely that which is yourself. By maintaining your own centre of balance you dignify and honour your attracter, and so allow the engagement to become a mutual process which gives both parties opportunity to develop and coordinate their responses. If this is true of individuals it’s even more true of groups. By joining any group you will transform its consciousness, just as it will transform yours. Is that something you/they/it want?
"Avoid any group or person who requires a certain set of responses before you’re acceptable. Where’s the mutuality in that? Neither you nor they will be free. The two parties to an attraction may find their natural relationship at any point along a continuum ranging from chance encounter to lifelong commitment. If you approach the process without preconditions you’ll avoid the disappointment of projecting your own needs onto the attracter, and thereby failing to see hir needs clearly.
"Take your relationship with a group: it may be mere interest, a tangential association, passive membership or full commitment. It will reflect where both you and they are. How much more then are personal relationships a reflection of both parties’ current state. For only what you agree about the relationship can exist at all. If you passionately want someone/thing, it's almost certainly not the person or object per se, but the quality they represent to you. 9/10 times that quality is self-confidence. So instead of learning to stabilise yourself you fling yourself at the object, further destabilise yourself and probably unbalance the other party as well!"

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